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Sometimes you’ll need some additional help and support in a specific area. We offer a range of one-to-one coaching packages that do just that.

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Starting a business

Support for starting new business ventures

Starting a new business can be challenging. We’ll focus on a flexible plan that will help you to reach your full potential, support you through the challenges and celebrate your triumphs.
Starting a new business or venture can be both an exciting and challenging time. You probably already have the idea, but then there’s also the marketing, planning, systems and processes, finances, KPIs, innovation, advertising …

The Support for Starting New Business Ventures package includes:
  • Support in optimising yourself to reach your full potential.
  • Support through the challenges.
  • Celebration of the triumphs.
  • Help to remain focused on maintaining your clarity of vision and purpose.
  • Help to develop a well-reasoned and flexible plan.
  • Support on making your plan a reality, along with the design and development of bespoke structures that enable you to commit to your plans.

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