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Sometimes you’ll need some additional help and support in a specific area. We offer a range of one-to-one coaching packages that do just that.

Additional support
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Applying for jobs

Job searches, CVs and preparation

Learn how to find jobs that match your personal values, create a CV that will communicate who you are to interviewers, express your true potential to maximise opportunities, and more.
We don’t want you to just ‘get a job’ we want you to get the best possible job for you. One that matches your personal values and that puts you in an environment where you shine at your fullest potential.

The Job Searches, CVs and Preparation package includes:
  • How to design a CV that lets others know how you can add value, fit into their culture and contribute successfully.
  • Helping you to identify the treasure chest of experiences and examples from your working life to date.
  • Learning how to communicate effectively with those interviewing or assessing you.
  • Learning how to communicate your valuable self in an authentic and informative manner that expresses your full potential,
  • Maximising your chances of getting the opportunities you desire.

Are you ready to take control and become the master of your own destiny?



Discover your most valuable self to become the master of your destiny.

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